Nissan Releases Teaser Video of Electric Cars and Autonomous Driving

The future according to Nissan is like a world of Tron where cars can drive around on its own, charge while they are being parked and can even help power a person’s home or office.

All the energy used is renewable and they propose that the space occupied by gas stations could finally be allotted to greenery.


While the entire idea is quite innovative and fun to watch, it is confusing as to how removing gas stations could lead to tree plantations. They claim as if these stations are occupying majority of the world while in reality it is occupied by buildings and lots of other places, definitely not fuel points.

However, Nissan’s Leaf electric car concept is all about using and sharing distribution friendly energy. Wireless charging is an idea to welcome as it allows people to just go to a restaurant or any other public spot while the car continues to charge itself up. Besides, the video even depicts the scenario where one just has to get off the car as it is capable of automatically parking itself. Once fully charged, autonomous driving technology moves it away from the space allowing another car to take up the spot.

The teaser video showcases a world that is fully connected to one another and the cars are fully aware of it. The images look exciting to some but in a different perspective, it looks like technology is about to invade privacy completely as hacking a car could give a person access to the entire household or the road. And, not to mention about the fact that seeing vehicles moving on their own is another uneasy act future citizens may have to witness.

Nissan Leaf batteries are being promoted not just for the purpose of running a car but can be used to power up appliances within the home as well as your office. The car is being parked close to the office space to power up the computer or finds a spot in the garage. They are also being driven straight into the office than being parked in a particular spot.


A connected future is definitely on the way whether people like it or not. Cars need a grid to be able to drive on their own and it looks like Nissan is already working on it. While autonomous technology is going to face constant debate before being accepted, electric cars are going to be embraced with an open arm.

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