Nissan Talks About Future EV Tech with Car-to-Grid System

Nissan is looking far into the future and working on electrified vehicles.

They have also developed a car to grid system which enables every car to communicate with one other leading to a connected future.

Nissan Talks About Future EV Tech with Car to Grid System

The automobile manufacturer has already announced the technology and is now working towards bringing it to reality. The company organized the Nissan Futures event in London where they revealed more about their plans. Three different concepts were discussed during the show and they will play a key role in the electrified future towards which most manufacturers are going after.

It is not about just using power to charge cars but rather give it back to the national grid. Nissan has partnered with a company named Enel. The company specializes in energygeneration and they will be part of the vehicle to grid concept. As part of the initiation, Nissan will provide 100 Leaf cars and e-NV2000 vans.

Named as the V2G, the system brings units which will be installed in the locations where the owners of these cars reside. The buildings in which these cars are parked will be fully connected based on the Nissan concept. It allows them to generate electricity when the vehicles are stationary. Later, the energy produced can be sold to Enel and the company will purchase it for a fair price.

Nissan during the event confirmed that their idea is totally revolutionary and it may take time for them to bring it into reality. It is expected to revolutionize the world of power as there will be no more wastage once the V2G units are installed in every location. The units will help power cars and absorb solar energy as well. When not in use at night, the cars will share power gathered through the day which will be stored in special compartments.

Nissan Future EV Tech with Car-to-Grid System

Apart from this, the automobile manufacturer announced a new xStorage system for homes. The concept allows home owners to readily store power generated through solar energy and can use it whenever required. The idea is considered quite viable and it may lead to better electrification in the streets even when the public source is down. Nissan’s idea is to help each individual home power itself so that it no longer has to rely on third party services.

The company also showcased a future gas station which is used to charge electric cars. A concept video was released to give you a clear picture of what is to come.

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