Opel GT 2017 Edition is Under Production, Company Releases Teaser Video

The young people of today may not be familiar with the Opel GT. It is one of the most popular classic supercars with a legendary history of its own.

The stylish long design, two seater capacity and other features made it an enthusiast’s vehicle in its time. However, the car no longer was in production and there were no new models released. The newest report is quite interesting because a brand new 2017 edition of the Opel GT is coming.


In 1975, Opel revealed the GT2 concept to the general public. It was quite ahead of its time because the company suggested a digital cockpit with a highly responsive infotainment system, highly advanced aerodynamics and sliding doors. They could probably be called the Tesla of the era because it was definitely not the time where so much technology prevailed. As expected, the concept was dropped and it never took off, at least until now.

The GT badge was out for a long time until it reappeared in 2007, but the car didn’t sell as much as expected. Opel is not going to give up so easily and they are all ready to use the GT series one more time to revamp their company’s image. The all-new edition of the car is coming and the Opel CEO wants everyone to see the vehicle from an entirely new perspective.

They have released a teaser video which doesn’t show much of the car or its specification. It shows the eye of the company’s CEO Karl Thomas Neumann. The text found in the clip confirmed that Opel GT concept is indeed in the offing. It will use the front wheel architecture and will probably deliver up to 250 horsepower.

If the Opel GT 2017 gets confirmed as planned, it will face tough competition from the likes of Chevrolet Camaro, Buick Avista, and the Cadillac ATS. While the GT version of Opel is such a popular car in the 60s, the time has gone long by. If the brand wishes to stay ahead of other automobile manufacturers at present, they may have to deliver something outstanding. It should not only be stylish, but also deliver an amazing performance; comfort, all packed in a decent price tag.


The sports car might go into production in 2017 and a probably launch is expected in 2019 or earlier. Opel confirmed that they will be releasing more information related to the car at the Geneva Auto Show scheduled to take place in March.

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