Opel GT Concept Car Gets Better Screen Space in the Second Teaser

The slew of teasers is coming in back to back and Open GT got another exciting video teaser of the concept car on YouTube.

The car brand is definitely at it and they are promoting the concept model so much that some buyers may assume it will get launched in the dealership stores soon. However, the Opel GT concept car will be unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March. As the name suggests, it is just an example of how the actual car would look like and in no way ensures a production phase.


It may take at least a year for Opel to come out with an actual GT car. The car, if everything goes as planned, will hit stores towards the end of 2017 or even later, based on the features and design that the company opts for. Tesla wanted to have falcon wing doors on their Model X which posed a couple of practical issues. The door didn’t stop firmly in place and they had to delay launch citing the reason.

Similarly, when Opel wants to push the boundaries by making an extremely stylish sedan with some impressive horsepower and design, they will probably face some hurdles before making their dream come into reality. In the new video, the auto manufacturer has finally showed us something worthy to watch.

The video showcases some aspects of the actual concept car. The CEO of the company, Karl Thomas Neumann opens the door of the vehicle to hop in. The majority of the car is hidden in the shadows so as to not reveal its design so early, but we could make some of it, as the teaser wanted us to.

An all-new Opel GT is definitely an exciting proposition considering the fact that it has such a great history and was one of the most wanted cars decades ago. It never received a revamped version until now. The teaser also confirmed that the dashboards to axle ratio will be much longer similar to the previous model. It not only keeps the design aesthetics intact but also allows them to mount the engine in the front.


In its hay day, the 1973 Opel GT was an ultra-modern car which was simple, long and definitely made heads turn. The company may recreate the magic one more time at the Geneva Motor Show when they show the concept car for the first time.

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