Opel GT Concept Interiors Revealed in Official Images

Opel GT concept car stirred interest among buyers with its nostalgic long design and sporty looks. The car aims to recreate the past with a front mounted engine, stylish body accentuated with red at many spots and a performance that would make most modern day cars envy.

However, much to the dismay of potential buyers, the manufacturer added that they don’t have plans to take it to production anytime soon.


Despite all the controversies surrounding its production, the designers have officially released images of the Opel GT concept car and its interiors. As expected, it’s full of red and unsurprisingly has no analog buttons at all. For people who love buttons, this is going to be a dire disappointment but obviously the future is moving towards motion sensors, touch controls and voice control systems.

In their statement, Opel said, “The design of the GT car is inspired by sports coupe platforms and the solutions are highly futuristic allowing seamless interaction between user and the car.” True to their claim, the car is adjustable in most scenarios including the steering wheel and the pedal. People of varying age groups and heights can adjust it to the last millimeter until it suits them to perfection. It ensures the most comfortable ride possible.

Besides, the engineers have also tried their best to keep the weight of the car under 1000 kilograms to provide good aerodynamics, speed and control. The aluminum made instrument panel is one such component which reduces overall weight. There are no mirrors on their car but rather displays that capture footage using cameras mounted on the car. The steering wheel borrows nostalgic design from the 1960 Opel GT but is unique and futuristic in its own way.

The next gen Opel GT is adaptive and the more time you spend with the car, the higher it can read what you actually need. It is capable of selecting the right music, temperature and a couple other features based on data gathered in the past. Even the display is capable of displaying the right features according to the time of the day.


It can touch 0 to 62 miles per hour in 8 seconds. The car is powered by a 1.0-liter turbo-charged petrol engine. There is no confirmed release date at the moment and if it does, it might be out before the end of 2020 which is a long way to go.

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