Opel has GT Concept, Mokka X, Astra and Astra TCR Lined up for Geneva Show

Opel is all excited about leaving a mark at the Geneva Motor Show this year because they have a lot of cars lined up for the show including the GT concept, the Mokka X, Astra and the Astra TCR.

The GT concept sadly is not going into production as Opel confirmed that it was designed to show the prowess of the concept and the capability of their designers. They have a lot of factors to take into account before pushing the car into production. Unless and until it has a strong market among the buyers, Opel has no plans to bring GT into reality.


However, all others are going to be out real soon and the Geneva show will be the place where face-lifted versions of the car will be spotted. It includes the Astra Sports Tourer, the Astra TCR racer, the Astra and the Mokka X.

With the updated version, the Mokka X, the smaller SUV features a brand new exterior design. The design changes are subtle, but they are in place to allow the car to look more like the other models from Opel. It is powered by a 1.4-liter direct injection turbo engine and uses a six speed automatic transmission system.

On the other end, we have the Astra models including the hatchback and the tourer. Apart from these models, Opel is going to proudly unveil the Astra TCR race car. It is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo engine and has a decent 325 horsepower with 310 lb feet of torque. It has a six piston brake caliper. The car is going to make its first impression at the TCR championships slated to take place in 2016.

While all the above said models are going to make their way to the buyer zone, the appealing GT concept car will not be in the list. It features a long design with the engine mounted in the front and is one of the best retro models we have seen in recent times.

Opel Mokka X

The company confirmed that their aim is to showcase and bring nostalgic memories back to life rather than push the car into a production model. They added that it is not easy to invest so much on a brand new model unless it shows potential among buyers. The concept car may trigger interest at the Geneva show, which may lead to its production; we hope so!

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