Opel Mokka X is Gearing up for a World Premiere at Geneva Expo

Opel Mokka is a popular compact crossover that has successfully managed to sell over 500,000 units in Europe.

The company has felt that this is the best time to refresh the lineup with a new launch which will be showcased to the world at the Geneva Auto Expo.

Opel Mokka X

The company confirmed the next gen Mokka X is coming to limelight at the 2016 Geneva show. The brand new car features new interior design built on the same, but revamped architecture, a brand new infotainment system with large touchscreen controls and aims to be the best all-terrain commuter vehicle.

They have also confirmed the new X brand concept will be used in all future models, including SUVs and crossovers. The horizontal grille in the SUV now looks like a wing and some plastic components are used in specific places. The double wing signature has also been retained in the LED daytime lights Opel designers added that they are aiming to achieve a muscular design with a wider body and construction.

Opel is trying to adopt the double wing design in the entirety of the vehicle including the tail lamps, LED headlights and additional features. The vehicle’s palette has been expanded further with two different colors including the Amber Orange and the Absolute Red besides the variants already available in the earlier model.

Interiors play an important role in convincing the buyers to go for it. Opel Mokka X has a strong focus on this aspect. They have improved the interiors of the vehicle similar to the ones found on the next Astra. There is an option to choose and go with a 7-inch or an 8-inch touchscreen display. Majority of the instrument panels in the dashboard have been designed in a horizontal style and majority of the buttons have been removed to make it less cumbersome.

The primary 1.6-liter diesel engine variant will be the most popular variant, but the Opel Mokka X is also getting a 1.4-liter direct injection turbo unit engine. Unique features of the car include automatic start/ stop system, all-wheel drive with adaptive technology and a six-speed automatic gearbox.

Opel Mokka X 2

People opting for the car could choose to add one or all of the safety features the company provides for an additional cost. It is usually found in all the top line variants offered by Opel. Features including traffic sign assist, lane departure warning and other add-ons make driving easier.

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