Opel/ Vauxhall GT Concept Car Pictures Revealed Ahead of Geneva Show

The popular Opel GT is coming back to the world which is also known as the Vauxhall GT in select regions. It is an extremely stylish, lightweight sports car heading to the Geneva Motor Show.

Without waiting for the actual auto expo, the designers of the vehicle have officially launched the pictures of the car. In the concept design, it is made of a pure silver finish with red accentuation along the trim line and in the front grille. With a brand new platform, Opel has managed to shave off the weight, making it weigh just 2,200 pounds.


The car uses a rear wheel drive system and there are two unique features which will be debuting for the first time with the next gen Opel GT. A strong red stripe separates the top and the bottom layer of the car while the glass windows are coated with a silvery foil. It is a new technology which makes the glass look foggy from the outside, but passengers who are inside will be able to get a clear vision.

And, they have made the window borderless making it look as if it flows from the lower half of the car to the upper roof. The entire surrounding rim of the front tires is outlined with a thick red line, while the rear is black. Such unique designs are usually found only in sports cars, usually when custom designed by a maker. Actual models from the manufacturer normally tend to look much more professional, but Opel has decided to shed the image to go as spunky as possible.

When the Opel GT was released in the 70s, it used to be the most addictive sports car of the decade. With a really long front design and front mounted engine, the car was way ahead of the time. The brand aims to recreate history by making a car that looks exactly like its predecessor, but next gen in every way possible and ushers in a new era of design.


A three-cylinder turbo engine powers the car which is capable of delivering 145 horsepower, but given the weight of the car, it could easily accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 8 seconds. We will know more about its technical specifications, launch date and other information when the car is showcased in person at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s not a long wait, though!

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