Overhauled and Upgraded BMW 7 Series Available for Purchase in Showrooms across UK

Car dealers across the United Kingdom will start selling the overhauled and comprehensively upgraded BMW 7 Series from 24 October.

The new BMW 7 Series is positioned to challenge primary rivals including the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi A8. The price range of the new vehicle would be between £64,530 for the 730d model and £76,320 for the 750i model.

The latest 7 Series has been totally re-engineered and features a new carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic strengthened (CFRP) body shell, resulting in enhanced robustness and yet lighter by 130 kg as compared to its predecessor.


BMW claims that the 7 Series is the biggest production model of the brand till date and measures 5,098 mm in length, 1,478mm in height and 1,902mm in width. Two wheelbase options are available, including the standard and the long-base versions with a difference of 14 cm between them.

The latest generation 6-cyclinder Twin Turbocharged engines are found under the hood. The 3L diesel and petrol variants have more power and are more efficient than its predecessors.  All the diesel models, except the long-wheelbase 730d, have the option of xDrive AWD transmissions with 4-wheel steering.

The new 7 Series will feature a new active chassis system called Executive Drive Pro which employs the Variable Damper Control and the air suspension to achieve a ‘remarkable standard of suspension, damping and vibration comfort’, claim the company’s designers.

The completely refurbished interiors feature brushed aluminum trims and employs a lot of wood. The car also comes with the latest and completely new iDrive control system with added features and a smartphone-like operating system.

An optional Executive Lounge Seating feature, to be available from July 2016, will feature highly comfortable and luxurious sitting arrangement for the rear seat. The backrest of the rear seats can be reclined to up to 42.5 degrees while the front seat can be slid ahead by an 90mm more to create added leg space for the rear seats.

Moreover, the backrest can be tilted completely in front and the head restraint can be folded down allowing passengers in the rear have a much better view of the front screen. A fold-out footrest that is electrically operated is embedded at the back of the front seat. The entertainment system is also electrically adjustable to get the ideal viewing angle for the passenger in the rear seat.


The rear seats also feature cup holders, storage compartment, fold-out table and the new BMW Touch Command system. Another attractive technology to feature in the BMW 7 Series is the remote parking function wherein the car will self-park after the driver has got out of the vehicle.

Another innovative technological update to be featured is the gesture recognition system allowing hand movements and gestures to perform tasks such as declining a call or increasing the volume in the radio.

Two hybrid plug-in models dubbed 740e and 740Le xDrive will also be launched in 2016. These models, however, will not feature Executive Drive Pro chassis system.

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