Pagani Set to Launch Hardcore Huayra BC with Droptop

Pagani is a relatively small company with very little presence in the automobile market, but that is not stopping them from building a hardcore Huayra BC set to be launched in Geneva.

The brand has confirmed that they will be launching two different versions of the Huayra before the end of 2016. Launching multiple models in the same lineup for a budding automobile company is no easy task, but Pagani is up for the challenge and looks like there is no slowing them down.


Speaking to the press, a spokesperson from the company said that the Huayra Coupe is already sold out. They have received so much of pre-orders and all of them are already delivered to the respective customers. The Huayra BC was confirmed at the Geneva Motor Show that took place a couple of months ago in 2015. Within the short period, the brand confirmed their readiness to bring it to the general public.

However, there is no word on the official pricing or the performance of the vehicle. They are keeping it tight under the wraps, probably because it is not confirmed yet or to simply pique the interest of the buyers. The hardcore variant will feature one of the most powerful engines available and a drop top, making it stylish in terms of visual aesthetics.

Sources claim the car may feature 6.0-liter V12 twin turbo engine supplied by AMG and if it is true, the Pagani Huayra BC will be a monster on road. It should have amazing acceleration and top speed capacity so as to justify the price tag the company ask for. A Huayra Roadster version is also rumored to hit dealership stores, but there is no concrete source confirming the same. The coupe variant of the vehicle costs a mammoth $1.84 million which is potentially an easy no for most buyers. After all, not many could afford to pay millions to own a car, right?


Pagani is looking forward to cater to the luxury car buyer segment and it is evident that their audience is not the average Joe when they partner with AMG in most scenarios. The company has been doing well, at least according to their press statements. They should manage to impress the buyer community with an amazing coupe or a drop top. Style quotient always play a role in making a car popular and it could do the same for the upcoming Huayra BC.

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