Pebble Time Smartwatch Boasts of More Features than Apple Watch

After successfully impressing a whole lot of people as a kick starter project, the Pebble Time smartwatch has finally landed in stores and is available for purchase.

Even before Apple brought its own smartwatch to customers, Pebble started experimenting with the idea. They started off with some basic models that simply allowed users to send messages and calculate calories burned. The innovative idea struck the right chords as a kick starter project which helped the company make more money, leading to this contemporary product.

It is not easy to evolve from an indie project to a full-fledged product that can compete with tech giants like Apple, Samsung and Motorola. However, Pebble Time smartwatch has managed to break every hurdle and is now available for customers in North America. The product is available at both Best Buy and Target stores. If you are planning to buy one, you may have to shell out $199 which is not too much considering the features that it offers.

Pebble Time Smartwatch Apple Watch

The previous models sported black and white displays which was a huge turn off for customers. Pebble Time is an upgraded version which has a color screen and is available in a wide range of vibrant colors. The most popular variants include white, black and red.

Some unique features of this smartwatch include its high water resistance capability that can withstand pressure up to 30 feet, a microphone that is always ON and ready to grasp your voice commands any time and a feature named ‘Timeline’ that will continuously track a user’s activities throughout the day.

“With great water resistance capabilities, an impressive color screen and amazing battery life, you can rely on the Pebble Time smartwatch wherever you go. It is built to be durable and comes with hundreds of apps to assist you,” reads the official blog.

With all these improvements, Pebble Time is expected to be a worthy competitor to Android Wear smartwatches. It has a decent collection of games, and apps designed to let you make phone calls, send messages as well as track your calorie count during workouts.

People who like to purchase it can order one online, from the official website. Those who prefer to shop for it in person can go to Best Buy or Target. Given the affordable pricing, critics suggest that most people might go for this watch as an impulse buy rather than an actual gadget that they wish to own.

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