Pinafarina is Getting Back with a Concept Car at Geneva Show

Pinafarina is a little known company which had some good ideas to showcase to the automobile world and even had a concept car back in the 2013.

However, financial hardships stopped the company from moving further and they had to retire to the drawing board to do something new until a financier showed up. It looks like their wait has come to an end after nearly three years. The automobile brand has posted an image online showing the front of a possible concept car slated for reveal during the Geneva motor show 2016.


Sergio was the first concept car they showed at the Geneva show in the past. We are not sure if this is a modified version of the same car or if they have managed to come up with something entirely new. Either way, it seems promising and without a striking vehicle, Pinafarina may not have planned its comeback.

So, we are keeping our fingers crossed and look forward to their grand reveal at the show. In the teaser image, nothing much has been revealed so far. Obviously, the idea behind such images is to get the crowd excited before the full picture is displayed. The design is quite similar to the Sergio with an all-white body and the company’s logo in the middle of the bonnet. But, it could be a wrong guess because the image reveals so less that assuming it as the bonnet of the car is what most would do.

In the press launch, Pinafarina confirmed that they are ready to rock the world with a design that is completely innovative and a car that should make people excited on the road. While it is common for most automobile manufacturers to make such claims, it may be true this time around. It’s all about what the company has to offer during the grand Geneva motor show 2016 edition.


We have a whole lineup of cars from all the top manufacturers and small players may have to do really good in order to grab the limelight from others. Plenty of companies are making their comebacks at the show and models like Opel GT could be there as well, even though it is bad news that GM has no plans to get it into production in real life. With just weeks to go, it is going to be an exciting motor show of all time.

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