Pininfarina Electric Version Designed To Compete Tesla’s Model S Sedan

Mahindra, the Indian automobile company is about to launch the Pininfarina.

A supercar which might possibly have an electric version in the near future so as to compete with Tesla’s Model S sedan.

Pininfarina Electric

The information comes from an inside source which also confirmed that backed by Mahindra, Pininfarinais aiming to conquer the world markets by launching in multiple regions at once. The car is making its comeback after a huge break and is expected to be available in different trimlines so as to reach majority of their audience. At the moment, Tesla is the top automobile manufacturer in the world of electric cars. There are no immediate contenders in sight which has given the new company hope.

Mahindra acquired Pininfarina a year ago and ever since the acquisition, the parent company has been encouraging its new division to create impressive models. Anand Mahindra, CEO of the company commented that they view the brand as their own company and plan to give the team complete freedom to generate innovative ideas out of them.

“We want to make sure Pininfarina as a brand has its own space. The brand has a strong audience base and we are never going to break something that is working well. They are not going to design for other brands or any of our cars. But, they will be designing their own car as they should. The brand doesn’t have one such opportunity so far and we aim to give it to them to bring the best out,” said Mahindra.

Mahindra has already stepped into the UK market with their e20 electric car. It clearly indicates that the company is looking forward to make more electric vehicles and position themselves atop other competitors. They already have Ssang Yong, an automobile brand from South Kora under their wing. It makes it easier for them to roll out multiple models at once and cover a wide group of audience at once.

Pininfarina Electric Version

The head of the company confirmed that they are building a new platform. They aim to deliver up to 300,000 units under the Ssang Yong brand in the next five years. Many of them will be powered by the electric drivetrains developed and designed by Mahindra. With such expansive plans, it is no wonder Pininfarina is here to stay and may give a tough fight to Tesla cars. Pricing is going to play an integral role in making it truly competitive.

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