Porsche 911 R to Bring Back Manual Gearbox and Retro Look

Renders of a possible retro inspired Porsche 911 have surfaced online and according to some early rumors, fans of manual transmission and three-pedals might finally feel happy.

The initial reports are that the alleged Porsche 911 will bring back manual transmission to the Porsche 911 family. And after the disappointment of the 911 GT3, Porsche really needs a good story to get back on the track.


And, according to the rumors, Porsche will resurrect the 911 R in the form of the Carrera. The limited edition sports car will feature the design of the Carrera, but also the manual transmission many fans of Porsche want to get back.

Power will not be an issue for the alleged Porsche 911 R, as the car should feature at least 500 ponies under the hood, naturally aspirated V6 engine, the same that the GT3 has, as well as a manual gearbox. Rumors are the 911 R will have the seven-speed manual that is standard for the Carrera.

Two powertrain outputs are possible for the 911 R and both are used for the GT3. The first one is the flat V6 3.8-liter engine, while the second option is the larger 4.0-liter engine used for the RS trim of the GT3.

The design of the car is an interesting topic as well. According to some reports, Porsche insiders described the 911 R as a “wolf in sheep’s clothes”. What is obvious is that the car will have the same center locking wheels as the GT3, including a similar body. One difference is that the 911 R won’t have the rear wing as the GT3. The retro look of the new Porsche 911 R is emphasized by the side decals and the green stripes.

Porsche 911 R

According to rumors, the Porsche 911 R will be a limited edition. Only 600 or 800 units will be produced, and according to some reports, more than half of those units are already reserved for buyers. It is unknown when the 911 R will see the light of day, but some believe that won’t happen this year. The earliest we can expect to see the Porsche 911 R in flesh is the Geneva Motor Show, scheduled for March next year.

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