Porsche Cayenne Platinum Edition Lives Upto the Hype

Porsche Cayenne lineup has now expanded with the new, exquisite Platinum Edition and the name truly justifies what the company offers in their special edition saloon.

The car is currently open for pre-orders. Those who purchase the car will start receiving deliveries from the first week of June. The sporty version of the Cayenne is available for its diesel variant and the S E-Hybrid. By offering the platinum edition on multiple cars, Porsche has opened themselves up for buyers from all strata. Buyers who have a keen eye on fuel efficiency and running costs often opt for the diesel edition but they usually miss out on the special launches from the brand.

Porsche Cayenne Platinum Interior

However, the Platinum Edition doesn’t constrain itself by such age old practices. The exclusive edition is not just designed to show off something unique but adds value to the product. The special badge is found on the car and is also etched on the 20-inch alloy wheels supplied by RS Spider. The wheel arches are now much wider providing the best of aerodynamics and promotes better stability even when cruising at high speed.

The exterior of the Porsche Cayenne platinum is totally glossy. It may not appeal to a specific group of audience who likes to keep their cars looking clean at all times but the glossy finish is worth the addition. It gives a posh finish and there’s privacy glasses which is fully customizable. Buyers will have the freedom to choose from eight different paint colors for the glass. The brand’s statement didn’t add if they will have to pay additional costs in order to custom pick a color for the glass.

Apart from the standard kit contents, the Platinum Edition brings exciting range of features including dynamic Xenon lights, electric leather seats with heating functionality, Alcantra sports seats and there’s parking assist for both front and the rear. The Porsche model is equipped with Connect Plus satellite navigation system combined with an infotainment module. The car uses a surround sound system powered by Bose technology. It has bespoke door sills and auto-dim mirrors.

Porsche Cayenne Platinum

The diesel edition of the Porsche Cayenne with the special edition package is priced at £55,154 while the S E-hybrid is priced much higher at £66,919. The pricing might sound definitely higher for those who find the base model more affordable but it brings a bunch of features to justify the price tag.

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