Porsche Designer Confirms Many Other 911 Hybrids are Incoming

Hybrid cars are always known for their performance and when it comes from a brand like Porsche, you can be sure that it stands out from the rest with its mind blowing results.

The first news came directly from Wolfgang Hatz, the chief of the Research and Development division of the brand. When someone in such an important position says that more number of 911 hybrids are incoming soon, car enthusiasts have no option but to trust what the guy says. Hatz was the first to confirm the existence of an actual 911 hybrid.


He revealed the information in the beginning of 2015 and when we are almost reaching the end of the year, another engineer from the team confirmed that there is more than one. The hybrids will be hugely inspired by the technology used in the 918 Spyder super car and the 919 hybrid race car.

However, the only catch is that the engineer August Achleitner who revealed the news also added that it may get launched within ten years. With a whole decade to wait, it is going to be one of the longest waits and even people who love Porsche may start looking forward to other brands. At the same time, the engineer is not a key person in the company and may not know every detail. It is just a timeline that he has revealed based on which we can confirm that multiple 911 hybrids may hit stores in the future.

Cayenne, Panamera are the most popular models from Porsche. They are hot sellers in the market because of which the company introduced hybrid versions of the vehicles a long time ago. They have also been upgraded to plug-in hybrids which allow them to be powered by an electric motor along with the conventional gasoline powered engine.

Porsche-911-GT3-Hybrid; Porsche

The 918 Spyder is a great example of how a car could perform at its best when it is built using multiple technologies and parts. The Porsche vehicle is a strong competitor for McLaren and Ferrari. It is no wonder the company may like to reiterate the success by launching hybrids of the 911. Compared to other manufacturers like BMW or Audi, for Porsche it’s all about creating super cars and speedsters using the hybrid technology rather than turning them into electric vehicles.

“Our team has been researching the possibility of a hybrid for a long time now and we will bring it out when the technology is just right,” added the engineer.

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