Porsche Launches New V8 Engine at Vienna Motor Symposium

Porsche has officially revealed the new V8 engine at the 37th Vienna motor symposium.

The new engine is expected to be much more powerful while being efficient and will be used in all the top line models set to get released in the near future.

V8 Engine

The automobile manufacturer has confirmed that the new V8 engine will be used in the second generation panamera. It will also be the primary powertrain in the next gen Cayenne SUV which is still under production. Based on the success of the engine, the manufacturer has planned to use it in plenty of other models produced by Volkswagen brand. It may soon find its way in cars made by Audi and Bentley.

The new 4.0-liter V8 engine is powered by two twin scroll turbochargers. It is capable of producing a total power of 550 horsepower combined with 568 lb feet of torque. Compared to the previous version of the engine, the newer model delivers at least 30 horsepower more and has increased torque capacity. Even though, the engineers have managed to increase the overall power by many folds, the team has ensured that the CO2 emission from the engine is at its lowest possible level.

In an era where electric vehicles are promoted to be the best due to their contribution to the environment, it becomes mandatory for gasoline powered motors to adopt the same. In terms of design and performance, the newly launched V8 Porsche engine is very close to the V6 used by Audi. Both these engines can conveniently be mounted on the MSB architecture and the MLB platform.

The MSB was developed by Porsche while the MLB was designed by Audi. By making engines compatible with all platforms, the companies can easily use them on any model. It also helps the parent company reduce costs spent in researching and developing newer powertrains. Based on the versatility of the new V8 engine, it is expected that the same will be used in Continental by Bentley, Lamborghini URUS SUV and the Audi A8.

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Panamera is the second car to be built on the MSB platform and will be the first to use the V8 engine. The car is expected to be made available as a sedan and a wagon. It is set to hit dealership stores this year. Once the model is out and is widely accepted by buyers, Volkswagen will start rolling out other models built on the newer platform.

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