Porsche Mission E Takes Inspiration from Tesla Model S: Electric Vehicles Getting Heads Up

The new electric car from Porsche dubbed Mission E is inspired by EV-pioneer Tesla’s Model S. As automotive bigwigs get into the electric vehicle market, it appears that the future of automotives is going electric.

Porsche Mission E was unveiled ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show and the new concept car seems set to meet and beat the expectations from the automotive giant both in terms of style and performance. Based on the looks of the famed Porsche ‘Panamera’, the new 4-door 4-seater all-wheel-drive Mission E is powered by a pair of ‘permanently excited synchronous motors’.

Tesla S Electric Car

This paired engine promises to deliver over 600 horsepower, sufficiently powerful to accelerate the rather heavy Mission E from 0mph to 60 mph in just under 3.5 seconds. The power from the twin engines is also enough to complete the circuitous and infamously devious Nurburgring racing track in under 8 minutes.

Inspired by Tesla’s Model S, the battery set is packed low on the chassis of the Mission E enhancing the smoothness in the handling of the car. This feature combined with the all-wheel drive coupled with torque vectoring helps in very smooth maneuvering of the new electric car around corners. The driving range on a single charge is expected to be 500 km or 310 miles. The integrated DC charger juices up the battery from 0 to 80% in just 15 minutes.

The exterior of the Mission E features an eye-tracking system that keeps driving data visible and centered so that the driver can read it irrespective of the driving posture or orientation. The infotainment system features a holographic monitor with gesture recognition enabling the activation of 3D icons through the use of gestures instead of the old-fashioned jabbing at touchscreens.


A camera integrated into the rear view mirror identifies the driver’s emotions based on which the car also responds appropriately with emoticons. However, as of now, the Mission E is only a concept car for showcasing at the Frankfurt Motor Show and Porsche is mum on when the car will go into production.

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