Porsche Says An Electrified 911 Turbo Is Not The Need Of The Hour

Electric cars have been giving nightmare for the top manufacturers who create the fastest cars in the world.

Porsche 911

While BMW, Audi have embraced it to an extent, Porsche believes that an electrified version of the 911 is not required at the moment.

The world of automobile is slowly changing into a completely new phase. In this new phase, one can expect almost every last vehicle to feature a hybrid powertrain. It is the system manufacturers came up with where buyers can enjoy the best of both worlds. The electric motors will offer minimum mile range while the petrol engine will take over once the power drains out. It is a perfect balance and an easier way to introduce people to electric vehicles.

The same concept cannot be applied for a Porsche 911, commented August Achleitner. He clarified that the range of powertrains available now including the all-electric motors and hybrid variants are nowhere near to the power required to run a sports car as this one. They have many hurdles to overcome before it could be implemented in their models.

Speaking to an automobile magazine in Germany, Achleitner said, “The layout of the 911 is very narrow which poses some practical difficulties when we try to implement an electric motor or a hybrid powertrain in it. By making some changes to the chassis, we can achieve it. However, it will drastically increase the weight of the car. Such a heavy car will kill its performance and that doesn’t make up for a great super car.”

In the recent past, representatives of the automobile band Porsche confirmed that they are looking to join the electric bandwagon. They are going to go with a sedan rather than the proprietary Porsche design in order to create space for the powertrain and the electric motor. Most manufacturers are aiming to deliver it by 2020.

Porsche 911 Carrera

Achleitner said that Porsche electric 911 could probably ten years away now. If the industry changes drastically in meantime, they might consider adopting the technology. If not, there is no point in trying to push their limits to deliver an electrified version of the sports car.

A similar dilemma is faced by companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti. The team at Bugatti revealed that they could never think of another engine that doesn’t run on petrol because it delivers so much power, allowing them to create cars like the new Chiron.

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