Prices of 2017 Honda Accord Revealed; Starts from $23,190

The Accord lineup has a lot of importance for Honda especially in the US markets. The company has just announced pricing for the 2017 lineup, which also sees the introduction of a new Sport Special Edition.

2017 Honda Accord Coupe

The Sport Special Edition is primarily to introduce more standard features on the base vehicle, which starts at $23,190. The 2017 Honda Accord sedan in the base LX variant will also be available in the coupe version for $1670 more.

Compared with the base variant, the Sport Special Edition of the 2017 Accord is significantly more expensive at $26,250 for the manual transmission variant. This vehicle comes with a six speed manual, while the automatic version with a CVT gearbox will cost an additional $800. The special features in this variant is largely limited to aspects like the colored stitching on the leather seats, heated seats, and a badge signifying the ‘Special Edition’ status.

The Honda Accord continues to be available with a spectacular V6 engine, which is at the top of the range in terms of prices at a cool $32,010. Importantly, this version will not be available with an automatic gearbox and will be sold with the six speed manual only. It is not surprising then that the V6 versions of the Honda Accord has rarely been seen on the roads especially with a manual gearbox.

The Honda Accord only recently received a major facelift with the addition of several new features. The top of the level Touring trim even comes with full LED headlamps – a feature commonly seen on higher end luxury sedans. After facing a lot of criticism for its poor management of the infotainment system in previous versions, Honda provided a significant upgrade to the central console. The latest models come with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard. Safety has also been provided a major boost with the addition of several active safety features on all variants apart from the Sport Special Edition.

2017 Honda Accord

The vehicle continues to be powered by the same 2.4-liter motor developing between 185 and 189 bhp. The extremely powerful V6 variant manages to output a healthy 278 bhp from its 3.5-liter engine. Just like in the case of the sedan, the Accord Coupe is available in both manual and automatic variants. There is also a hybrid version which pairs an electric motor with a 2-liter engine for better city fuel efficiency.

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