Qoros to Show 217 Mile Range EV Concept Model at Guangzhou Motor Show

Qoros is a new brand in the automobile sector that has some ambitious plans to revamp the electric vehicle segment.

The company is getting ready to launch a new EV concept at the Guangzhou motor show. It is speculated to offer a cool 217 mile range.

Qoros 3 Q-Lectric model

Named as the Qoros 3 Q-Lectric model, the car is a concept at the moment and the automaker has to undergo some strong hurdles before they could bring it to reality. Besides, pricing plays an integral role in convincing buyers to opt for the eco-friendly electric cars. Only when the models are practical, inexpensive and offers increased mile range, will an ordinary buyer choose it over a gasoline or diesel model. Qoros’ 350 kilometer coverage for Chinese audience sounds promising as it is usually enough to travel to most places. The top speed of the model is expected to be around 101 miles per hour.

Based on the specifications sheet and the information revealed by the brand, the car if it successfully goes into production will be a competitor to the likes of Opel Ampera-e and the popular Chevrolet Beat. Speaking about their ambitious proposition, Qoros claimed that they are keen on keeping the pricing of their future EVs lower than the current generation models from other brands. It should allow them to overtake competition and provide an alternative choice for green-conscious customers who are interested in adopting this technology.

“The 3 Q-Lectric is a high performance new energy car. The model is aimed at young buyers and is for the unconventional audience who like to do different things,” said the company their statement. While they claim that it’s a high performance vehicle, the powertrain and the performance doesn’t support their claim. The concept electric car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds. It’s not something the automobile industry would consider as high performance as Tesla cars do the same in less than 3 seconds even though they are very expensive.

Qoros EV Concept Guangzhou Motor Show

During the Guangzhou auto show reveal, Qoros will also showcase their camless engine technology developed by the supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg. Qoros will be the first OEM to make use of this experimental but promising technology. Qamfree is what they have named is and it is supposed to significantly improve performance in the 3 Q-Lectric concept model. Many such automakers have promised but never got their cars into production. Qoros may do it if they have a strong financial backing to do their own EV.

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