Queen Elizabeth II Gets the First Crack at the Bentley Bentayga Luxury SUV

When you go hunting, you better go hunting in style. At least that is the premise many folks in the UK live by. And it seems like Queen Elizabeth II knows a thing or two about style and luxury.

According to reports, the Queen is the first one to receive the new luxury SUV, the Bentley Bentayga.


And it seems conventional that the British luxury car brand is giving its first model to the most important person in Britain. The Queen already tested a prototype of the Bentayga few weeks ago before the SUV was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Now, she will be the first to get a production model. The Bentayga will be sent to the Queen to her estate in Scotland, where she will use it for her hunting trips and expeditions.

This is not the first time that Bentley supplies the Queen Elizabeth II with a luxury vehicle. After all, the company has a warrant for supplying Her Majesty, along with Land Rover, Vauxhall and Aston Martin. At the moment, the Queen is driving around in a Bentley State Limousine that the British luxury car maker made especially for the Her Majesty.

Jaguar Land Rover is the company hit the most with this move, as the company was hoping to overtake Bentley as the supplier for her Majesty. Land Rover is already supplying the Royal family with vehicles for the past several years.

With the Bentayga in her garage, the Queen can be sure and safe to travel anywhere in the world. The luxury SUV has been tested on every possible road and in every possible condition. Bentley tested the Bentayga from the Arctic to Sahara, the desert.

bentley-bentayga; queen elizabeth

Toss in some luxury accessories and tricks and it is understandable why Elizabeth II wants the SUV in her collection. For starters, the SUV features something that Bentley calls “event seat”, which is bench made in leather that you can fold out from the rear of the Bentayga. Other goodies include a picnic set that fits into the trunk of the car, a custom Mulliner Hamper Set, crystal wine glasses, Linley cutlery, diamond-stitched seats inside for extreme comfort and convenience and much more.

Bentley also markets the Bentayga as the world’s fastest SUV. And with a 6.0-liter V12 engine under the hood, it sure is. Packing 600 ponies and paired with an eight speed automatic transmission, the Bentley Bentayga can sprint from 0 to 60mph in just 4.1 seconds.

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