Range Rover Commemorated its 45th Year with the SV Autobiography

Jaguar’s Range Rover is a brand associated with space, style and innovation. The division has successfully completed 45 years in existence and continues to be one of the most wanted luxury SUV brands among the consumers.

In order to commemorate this occasion, the manufacturer revealed a special vehicle at the New York International Auto Show. The event took place this March during which they showcased the flagship model SV Autobiography. As the name suggests, it is a SUV designed to be nostalgic in terms of design, features and build. The company also unveiled the Range Rover Vogue SE which is their six millionth car. Such a feat was not accomplished in a day’s time because it took almost half a century for the brand to sell six million cars, especially with a lavish price tag as theirs.

Range Rover SV Autobiography

With the fourth generation Land Rover, the brand has accomplished new milestones and they have made their SUV a reliable vehicle to use for off road driving, without compromising on comfort level. Besides, the Land Rover is also offered in a wide range of variants including petrol, diesel and hybrid models with electric motors.

Speaking with pride high in his voice, Nick Rogers, director of Global Engineering Operations said that the Range Rover was the first ever luxury SUV to hit the market in the 1975. In that era, it was something unheard of but the company stuck to their motto to deliver power packed vehicles with uncompromised luxury that has become better year after year.

“Our latest model after 45 years continues to push innovation to new levels combined with cutting edge technology and stay ahead of the competition as the most wanted luxury SUV in the market”, said Rogers.


Range Rover began its journey with the classic SUV launched in the 1970s followed by the P38a second generation in 1994. The company enjoys a pedestal in the luxury industry and primarily caters to buyers who don’t have to worry about budgeting their next purchase.

Even though they have a strong fan base, Land Rover and other models from the manufacturer never fail to surprise the crowd with its state of the art technology and improved build. They have also claimed some of the world’s first ever launches including an all-aluminum SUV, automatic electronic air suspension technology, terrain support and longer wheelbase. Many features found in their vehicles have later went on to become the industry standard. The autobiography features special carvings to commemorate the occasion.

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