Range Rover Sport Coupe Underway to Beat BMW X6

Range Rover has been enjoying a strong fan following in the world of SUVs. However, when it comes to sport cars and style, the brand doesn’t have a solid presence.

The new Sport Coupe is expected to be extremely stylish and a strong contender for the BMW X6.

Range Rover Sport SVR Official

Expected to be priced around 60k in UK pounds, the model is the elite entry from Range Rover which has been codenamed L560. The Sport Coupe is built on the same platform used by the Jaguar F-Pace and the alloy chassis which is robust yet lightweight should contribute a lot to the end product’s finesse. From the automobile manufacturer’s perspective, the upcoming Range Rover Sport Coupe sits directly between the existing Evoque and the Sport.

Official launch for the upcoming model is expected to take place in 2017. However, with many auto expos scheduled to take place before the end of this year, the automaker may choose to reveal a concept version of the SUV. Inside sources continue to refer to this anticipated model as the Evoque Plus.

Ranger Rover is looking forward to create a new model which is luxurious in terms of build quality, design, interiors without compromising on overall performance. Their SUVs have always been ahead of the competition with powerful engines but it didn’t find a market among the younger crowd. The newer platform from Jaguar F-Pace should change the game once for all. Its lightweight body made of aluminum material and reliable suspension adds value to the Evoque Coupe.

Besides, the long bonnet is one of the unique aspects of the F-Pace which will be exploited in a good way so as to create a car which is capable of attracting buyers that Range Rover couldn’t so far. While pricing will obviously be on the higher side, given the reputation the manufacturer has developed over the years, their goal is to cater to premium customers who seek style and would never settle for a SUV with ordinary looks.


On the inside, a two plus one rear seat design is being considered. But, inside sources add that the company is interested in making the car really large with seven seater capacity. It makes it a great choice for travelers and easy to accommodate an entire family with enough legroom for every passenger. Cockpit cabin is an idea adopted by all brands. It incorporates huge dashboard with large, touchscreen center console and a connected ride with navigation system.

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