Range Rover Sport SVR, Jaguar C-X75 Concept and Land Rover Defender Make Early Debuts Ahead of James Bond Premiere

During the Frankfurt Motor Show, Jaguar unveiled a number of super cars and trucks that are meant to feature in the next James Bond film.

The SPECTRE, which happens to be the 24th release in the Bond series, is expected to feature the new Jaguar C-X75 concept, a Land Rover Defender as well as a Range Rover Sport SVR. Lovers of the Bond series will be happy to learn that they can get a taste of the cars that will feature in the next film that premieres in theaters as from the 6th of November this year.


Jaguar C-X75 is still a concept

As reported by JLR, the new Jaguar C-X75 concept will rush through the streets of Rome in one of the most iconic high-speed pursuits in the movie. Behind the wheel, there will be Dave Bautista, a renowned American wrestler and MMA fighter and actor who will take the role of Baddie Hinx. It is not the first time this C-X75 concept is showing up. It first appeared in 2010 during the Paris motor show where it was crowned the winner as Autoweek’s Best in Show.

In the concept, it was determined that the Jaguar will be able to hit 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds and hit 100 miles per hour in an impressive 6 seconds. However, as the name suggests, it is just a concept. This new car was prepped by the new Jaguar team of Special Vehicle Operations (SVO), which only started operations mid last year.


 Modified Land Rover Defenders and Range Rover Sport SVRs will also feature

In the SPECTRE movie, other Jaguar models will also be in play, among them a Range Rover Sport SVR as well as other modified versions of Land Rover Defenders. You will come across 37-inch tires on the Defenders, a feature meant to handle the off-road scenes of the movie in addition to an enhanced body protection to go with the terrain. Unlike the Jaguar C-X75, the Range Rover Sport SVR is not a concept and in fact, it is available for sale.

Land Rover Defender

According to reports, the new SVR is the fastest ever range the company has manufactured. It sports a 550hp 8-speed supercharged V8 engine that is automated. As usual, Daniel Craig will be the main man in this movie, whereas the role of the main villain will be starred by the impressive Christoph Waltz.

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