Renault Alpine Interior Concept Image Leaked

Renault wanted to keep things subtle and was preparing for a grand comeback, but the Alpine interior concept images have leaked much earlier than expected.

The company was supposed to launch the car with all the official information on February 16, but with just days to go, an image of the car’s interior detailing all of its features got leaked on social media websites. In their teaser images and statement, Renault said that they are coming back even though many believe they never left the scene. They are set to show the A120 which is the successor to the previously popular Alpine A110.


In the leaked image, we can easily deduce that the car has a digital instrument panel. Even though, there were a couple of spy photos in the past that tried to find the features found in the instrument panel, they were unsuccessful. Now, we know for sure that it is going to be primarily digital, with a few analog buttons at places. Besides, the Alpine A120 uses a dual clutch automatic transmission system.

The central infotainment system is expected to allow drivers to control the media, while it also houses an analog clock in the middle. Such additions may not be found in most cars, but Renault is keen on making the Alpine as futuristic as possible while sticking to the grounds to deliver the nostalgic effect without fail. It uses a metallic switchgear.

With a powerful engine mounted on the inside, the car can easily deliver up to 300 horsepower on launch. As they have access to a powerful engine, Renault is expected to roll out a brand new SUV at the same time to make some good sales out of the excited crowd. The basic model will go on sale followed by a high performance sports version scheduled for launch a year later after the original launch.


It is powered by a 1.8-liter TCe engine, but weighs much less, making it easy to achieve such top speeds, without difficulty. Renault has experienced a phenomenal success with their Alpine A110, which has encouraged the team to come up with a new car with better engine, performance and features. They are highly confident that the new A120 will achieve the same level of success and probably exceed the level set by its predecessor. Once the official launch takes place, we will bring more info from the show floor, including the newest pictures and specs.

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