Renault Clio Renault Sport RS 16 is Heading to Monaco GP

Longtime fans of Renault Clio can rejoice as it is confirmed that the Renault Sport RS 16 is heading to the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix event scheduled to take place on May 29th.

Red hot Renault Clio

Being able to witness some of the fastest cars from Renault is fun for fans of the brand. The company is all set to reveal not just one but two different blazing fast cars at this sports event. The road car is being put on the tracks so as to show its efficiency and the chances of bringing it to the dealership stores are high. While it is obvious that there will be limitations on the top speed and acceleration of the road edition, it is a dream come true for buyers who love to own the fastest cars from Renault.

The information comes from a Greek website where a teaser image of the car was posted. The data is official because the source image comes from the brand Renault. It was posted on their official Twitter handle where the company suggested that a surprise awaits those who are heading to the Monaco Grand Prix to be held this year.

The teaser image is however very limited because it is all clad in back with the headlights of the car visible and the moto GP logo. The decals that we could make out of the car suggested that it is the Renault Clio Renault Sport RS 16. While the company is yet to confirm the powertrain that they have opted for in the new car, it is speculated that they will go for the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine used in Clio’s base model.

However, the powertrain will be tweaked so as to pull the best performance out of it. Reports from France suggested that Renault may bump the engine to go for a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. If confirmed, it should deliver more than 271 horsepower making it an ultimate choice for speed enthusiasts. A manual transmission system is the most obvious choice as the car is being developed in association with Megane mechanicals.

Renault Clio

The standard hot Clio will undergo various exterior changes before it gets debuted as the Clio Renault Sport RS 16. The large roof spoilers in the rear is just the beginning. We are yet to see an official image of the car but being a sporty model, it sure is to feature huge spoilers, bigger front grille combined with leather sports seats on the inside.

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