Renault Clio Set to Get a Hybrid Upgrade Similar to Scenic

Renault Clio is most likely the next car to join the hybrid scene.

The company has already launched the Scenic MPV which features hybrid technology at its basic level. However, it does feature an electric motor combined with a gasoline engine making it emission friendly.

After launching the car, Bruno Ancelin, executive vice president of Renault said that that the brand is strongly working towards a future where they are able to offer the products at an affordable rate. The dire problem with electrification is that almost every other model available in the market is priced much higher than an average gasoline car. Tesla, the leader of electric cars is already gearing up to launch the cheaper Model 3. Chevrolet is working in its own way to make electric cars affordable.

“Instead of trying to completely get rid of gasoline engines which is a tough call at this point of time, we are looking for ways to make electrification cheaper. It should be affordable for buyers but at the same time they will be able to contribute their share to reduce CO2 emission into the atmosphere,” said Ancelin.

Speaking to the media, Ancelin answered positive when a person asked him the possibility of bringing the mild hybrid technology to other cars in the Renault lineup. He said that they are planning to reduce fuel consumption but the same goal can be achieved through multiple methods and not just by using plug-in hybrid models.

Renault recently made the Clio official. The model is going to replace the MK4 and is going to be one of the important launches in the company’s history. A host of new features including aerodynamic changes are being adopted in the vehicle. Besides, it features a brand new hybrid technology the company has developed based on the EOLAB concept.

The brand’s boss made a practical statement suggesting that making hybrids common in budget range cars are a tough call because it will significantly increase the price. “Deploying the technology massively costs a lot and we are not planning to take such a route to make hybrids popular,” he said.

Based on the interview, it is evident that Renault is planning for a hybrid friendly future and the chances of bringing it to the SUVs, hatchback and saloons is much higher. The regulations will play a crucial role in pushing automobile manufacturers to make a decision on whether to adopt EVs or not.

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