Renault Grand Scenic MPV Revealed and New Features Detailed

The next generation Renault Grand Scenic MPV has been officially revealed and the company’s seven seater vehicle has a lot of components shared with the previous model.

Renault Grand Scenic MPV Front

Right from the 20-inch wheels to the crossover style design found in the original Grand Scenic, all the good things about the MPV has been retained so as to keep long time buyers happy. The new edition was originally launched at the 2016 Geneva motor show. The brand is getting ready to launch it in dealership stores real soon. Official details with regards to the car’s design, features and pricing are now revealed.

The body of the seven seater is now much bigger, wider and offers more space for the passengers. The storage area of the MPV is offers 40 liters more boot space than the outgoing model. If you are going to opt for the five seater version of the Renault Grand Scenic, it provides 765 liters of storage. There is an option to upgrade the model with two additional seats at the back which reduces the storage to 572 liters. Despite adding two more seats, the car is still bigger and can offer cargo area for all the passengers.

A brand new grey diffuser adorns the rear end of the Grand Scenic which has sculpted side panels combined with L-shaped rear lights. The Renault logo is oversized and is appropriatelyplaced on the front. The MPV uses standard panoramic glass roof and has 20-inch wheels coupled with long roofline mark and roof rails. All these when put together, provides a sporty look for the vehicle besides being professional in terms of space and drivability.

Renault Grand Scenic MPV

A huge, sliding center console is mounted on the Renault Grand Scenic MPV which makes it easy to control the infotainment system. It can be moved into a forward position for easy access and when pushed, it creates more space for the passengers. The car is equipped with foldable tables on the back making it easy to place food or laptops to work on the go. It even has USB ports for easy connectivity. Sun blinds help prevent excessive heat from the outside.

There will be four diesel engines to choose from with six speed manual transmission system. Buyers can upgrade the car to seven speed manual transmission if they choose to. Renault also offers hybrid variants. A long list of safety features is incorporated to secure the passengers and ensure a comfortable ride.

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