Renault Koleos SUV Official Picture and New Details Announced

The Renault Koleos SUV is coming to the 2016 Beijing auto show next week.

Before its official reveal, the brand has launched its picture to give auto enthusiasts an idea of what to expect on the show floor.

Renault Koleos SUV

The Koleos is heading to the United Kingdom nearly six years later which is a hiatus in the automobile industry. The gap has been filled by a whole lot of SUVs from multiple manufacturers and if Renault aims to succeed, they may have to wade through a hoard of brands before they impress the buyers. Significant competitors in the segment include Santa Fe from Hyundai, Kia Sorento, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Nissan’s own X-Trail and Skoda’s Kodiaq. The list is really long but it’s all about what the brand offers which helps it stand apart from the crowd.

When the first generation Koleos got launched in the UK, the SUV didn’t capture the attention of the buyers. It slowly waned off from the mainstream market and eventually Renault decided to stop producing the model owing to declining sales. However, they are confident and are coming back with a bang. The brand has revealed very little information about the car.

Renault Koleos C-shaped LED

They said, “there will be refinement and new features which are necessities in large saloon cars and the model has the best room space ever found in a SUV.” Based on the comment made by the company, it is obvious that legroom and headroom is going to play a significant role in helping the Koleos SUV reach the crowd.

The official picture confirmed that the Renault Koleos has adopted the c-shaped LED headlights used by all next generation cars from the automobile manufacturer. It is mounted with chrome-slated front grille which is exceptionally large in size and the headlights seamlessly sync with them for a complete finish. The interiors are retouched to match the requirements of a modern day buyer and the center console reflects the design found in tablets, to make it user friendly.

Renault Koleos  C-shaped LED

Renault chief confirmed that the Koleos is not going to be a seven seater and is already in production. It is expected to be out in dealership stores before the end of 2016. They added that there is an ongoing debate to add two more seats to make the Koleos a seven seater model but it will be only after the base model is out. An official reveal will take place at the Beijing auto expo.

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