Renault Koleos SUV Officially Launched In Beijing

Renault is bringing the Koleos name back to the stage by launching a new SUV in the series.

Renault Koleos

The upcoming model is designed to compete against the likes of the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Kia Sorento.

A couple of weeks ago, it was rumored that Renault is keen on getting rid of the name and going for Maxthon SUVs. However, much to the surprise of industry analysts, Renault has kept the Koleos brand. The brand has been associated with some mediocre sales in the past and have had bad reputation in Europe. At the same time, it was one of the best-selling models for the automobile manufacturer in China.

With promising sales, obviously Renault wanted to focus on the region where they have a good fan base. It led to the Koleos launch in Beijing. The model is designed to be on the top of the trimline above the Kadjar and the Captur. It is a commuter’s model which has its focus on offering the best space in the rear end and a practical design to suit most scenarios. There is also a high probability that the brand might launch a seven seater version of the same in the near future.

“When we started to design the Koleos, there was a dire challenge. We were to make a car which is not only elegant but is dynamic, versatile and looks modern to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Some of the changes are made to the front fascia, the fenders are more muscular and it has high ground clearance,” said Laurens Van Den Acker, the company’s design boss.

Renault Koleos model

Coping with the changing trends in the Renault family of cars, the Koleos now features a C-shaped LED headlight which seamlessly runs into the chrome slated front grille. With a 213 mm ground clearance, the brand claims that the new Renault Koleos is fit for all-terrain driving without any hurdles. The height of the roof has been significantly increased and there are window line kinks to add to the sleek look of the SUV.

There are two different exhaust pipes mounted in the back while the number plate has been moved to the bottom lid. On the inside, the Renault Koleos SUV is equipped with a big touchscreen system to control the infotainment. It supports Bluetooth and has USB connectivity ports. The SUV has at least 624 liters boot space making it extremely convenient for big groups.

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