Renault Launches Zoe an All-Electric Vehicle in Malaysia with 210 KM Range

The Renault Zoe is an all-electric vehicle which made its global debut in 2012 and after undergoing plenty of impressive tweaks, the vehicle is now available for purchase in Malaysia.

While electric cars are becoming increasingly common in Europe, US and UK, the rest of the world is slowly embracing the idea adopting the new technology.

The size of the Renault Zoe is quite similar to the existing Ford Fiesta. It is a five door hatchback made for the B-segment. The car has a wheelbase measured at 2,588mm long and it is 1,562mm tall providing enough headroom for all the passengers onboard. The vehicle offers a total of 338 liters of space and when the rear seats are fully folded, it offers about 1,225 liters of space.

Zoe is powered by a fully electric powertrain which is capable of producing 87 horsepower. The total rpm of the car ranges from 3,000 to 11,300 with 220 Nm of torque. The car can zoom from 0 to 48 kilometers per hour in less than four seconds. The 100 kilometers per hour sprint can be completed in 13.5 seconds. The top speed of the car powered by an electric motor is measured at 135 kilometers per hour.

On the inside, the EV is powered by a 22 kWh lithium ion battery. It is equipped by a single speed automatic transmission system. The exterior and interior design of the car is quite conventional so as to not intimidate the average buyer. The model has halogen projector headlamps and 16-inch alloy wheels. The interior design is similar to the Renault Clio.

For an entertaining ride, the car is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display. It is integrated with 3D Arkamys sound system and the six speaker surround allows the passengers to enjoy an immersive experience. The car has a slot for USB connectivity, has a 12-volt power socket to charge devices and has Bluetooth connectivity features.


The pricing of the Renault Zoe is RM 145,888 in Malaysia. The pricing includes a three-year warranty for the vehicle and comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty. The warranty covers the traction battery and the electric drivetrain. The car is conventional and may not appeal to those who love sports car among other fancy exterior designs. However, Renault aims to create a customer base with the average commuter in the region and this should probably meet their requirements without any difficulty.

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