Renault Maxthon SUV Teaser Video Released

The automobile world now has a strong focus on creating the best sports utility vehicles that has inspired even manufacturers who used to focus more on sedans and saloon models in the past.

Renault is getting ready to launch the Maxthon SUV before which they have rolled out an official teaser video.

The video as expected reveals very little about the SUV model. However, it does give us some important information with regards to the route Renault is taking at the moment. Instead of trying to compete with seven seater models like the Nissan X-Trail, the company decided to make their version more spacious and comfortable for the passengers. They have opted for a five seater design which is a laudable choice instead of cramming a lot of things into the same platform.

Renault Maxthon

The teaser video also confirmed that Renault is going to launch the vehicle officially at the 2016 Beijing motor show. When all other auto manufacturers are heading to the show, it is obvious that the company wants to stand out of the crowd and convince buyers to go for their offering. The Maxthon SUV will be manufactured in a new Chinese factory. It was recently completed and will exclusively be dedicated to producing more quantities so as to meet the increasing demands in the country.

It is easy to spot the bright full LED headlights used in the car. They officially tweeted the same, highlighting the said feature. The teaser video also falls in place with multiple spy shots that emerged earlier. There are rumors that Renault is looking forward to build a bigger SUV but it will be sometime before they step into this new project.

When questioned about their plans to go for a seven seater model, the company’s top head said, “We are really looking forward to offer many choices for our buyers. The new car is ready to hit the market but it is definitely not a seven seater. However, we can’t completely deny the fact that there is scope for such bigger cars and adding two more seats is quite possible, but not for now. It could happen at a later time.”

Renault Maxthon Pure Vision

A prototype version of the model was displayed at the 2105 Geneva motor show. Renault is yet to officially name their five seater SUV. With the Beijing show close by, it will be few days before we can know more details about their new launch.

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