Renault and Nissan Partnership Witness Increased Sales in EV Sector in 2016

Pushing the boundaries forward, Renault in partnership with Nissan has set record number of sales which is a significant growth for the brands.

The manufacturers have collectively sold close to 425,000 electric vehicles in the past few years.

The brands are committed to bringing the best to their customers and to make the Earth more eco-friendly. Electric cars are seen as the next plausible step in making sure people don’t pollute the planet further. Nissan LEAF, the electric car which was launched in 2010 and Renault’s own ZOE contributed a major share to the total of 425k EVs sold since 2010. Global sales of all types of vehicles is much higher as the partnership has sold nearly 9.96 million vehicles.

Renault and Nissan Partnership

“We are proud of this collaboration where the big brands – Groupe Renault, Mitsubishi Motors and Nissan Motors are coming together with a common objective. The innovative partnership didn’t start recently but dates way back into the past, about 18 years ago. Throughout the period, we have made ourselves more competent and adopting new technologies so that we can build the vehicle of the future together,” commented CEO Carlos Ghosn.

Named as the Alliance brand, the trio has their brand in one of the nine cars sold worldwide in 2016. Renault and its sub brand Dacia continues to have a stronghold in the market. They continue to sell much higher vehicles every year that the brand has managed to become the number two manufacturer in Europe. Nissan is focusing on an entirely different region. The brand has sold the most number of cars and trucks in USA, China. Their growth is at least 2.5 percent higher in 2016 when compared to previous years.

Mitsubishi motors is not going on a strong run individually but the Alliance partnership allows them to keep themselves ahead of the competition. They had decent sales in USA, Australia but their strong customer base in the Middle East, Russia and Brazil is declining due to the fuel consumption problem.

Nissan Leaf 2017

Nissan and Renault holds a huge record, as the Nissan Leaf has sold over 250,000 units since its launch in 2010. It is world’s top selling electric vehicle. Coming close next is the e-NV200 which is a light commercial vehicle sold by Nissan in Europe and Japan. Renault has sold 112,000 electrical cars around the world. They have a lineup of EVs including ZOE, Kangoo ZE, Fluence ZE, SM3 ZE and Twizy.

The trio as part of the Alliance partnership plans to launch about 10 new models with autonomous functionality by 2020.

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