Renault Twingo Teaser Image Released Ahead of Launch

After a long break, Renault is going to launch a new edition of their popular Twingo car.

Before the official launch, the brand has released a teaser image to keep buyers excited of the imminent launch.

Renault Twingo

Spy pictures of the model emerged as early as 2014 when the car spotted on the road testing its efficiency and on-road performance. The wait has finally come to an end as Renault took to Twitter to launch the official photo of the car. With a caption that said, “Our little surprise is almost ready for its big reveal.” The news comes as a surprise as there was very little expectation with regards to a Twingo getting launched. Most expected Renault to go with the electric and hybrid car route which is most popular among automobile manufacturers these days.

However, it looks like the brand is not going to forget gasoline cars which are still the most popular choice among buyers and will continue to be for years to come. The newer version of the Renault Twingo has bigger wheels in the teaser image with a sporty finish and has a brand new paint color. The automaker is targeting the younger audience which is evident without a doubt. Big wheels are always adored by young drivers especially when they are integrated in a sleek and sharp exterior design.

It is not known whether the new launch will be added to the Renault Sport range. There are also claims which states that the automobile manufacturer will most probably go with a GT badge for the new Twingo instead of a RS one. Official details on the powertrain being used is not revealed. We do expect that they will go with the 0.9 liter TCE turbo petrol engine which when tweaked can deliver up to 110 horsepower.

Renault Twingo Teaser Image

A bunch of changes and tweaks will be made to the chassis as well as the interior components. It is also rumored that the driving experience offered by the Twingo will be very similar to the previous model. Such a strategy is being followed so as to not alienate their existing customers. The supermini is set to get launched in the following weeks.

Renault has not confirmed an official launch date. They may either go for an auto expo launch or launch the mini in an exclusive event organized by them. We can only guess at the moment but once the launch is done, we will bring you the car’s specifications, performance and pricing.

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