Renault’s Ambitious EOLAB Concept Car Detailed Further

Renault made the entire automobile industry look at it when they announced the ambitious EOLAB concept car at the 2014 Paris Auto Show.

Renault EOLAB at 2014 Paris Auto Show

After a break, the concept has resurfaced with more details on how it works and the plans Renault have to bring it to the stores. The overall design of the EOLAB made it stand out of the crowd. It was an epitome of style and was powered by a hybrid powertrain with a futuristic dashboard unlike the ones you might have never seen on a car.

Latest reports suggest that the Renault EOLAB concept model will be powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine provided by Twingo. The car will also have an electric motor generating up to 67 horsepower while the gasoline powertrain will deliver up to 74 horsepower. The electric motor can pump 200 Nm of torque made possible by the 6.7 kWh battery.

Renault is going to go for a three speed clutches gear box which makes it easy for city commuters. The EOLAB concept car is designed for those who travel a lot in traffic conditions than those who prefer blazing top speed or to compete with other high performance sports cars. The model designed to be a front wheel drive design can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 9 seconds.

A top speed of 75 miles per hour has been pegged for the EOLAB concept but it is expected to be much more efficient when it gets launched. The aerodynamic shape of the car is quite radical when compared to other Renault models. The company might have gone for it to make it look futuristic. Some design elements have been borrowed from the five-door Clio. It uses a slim finish with less drag which in turn contributes to better fuel efficiency and increased acceleration capability.

Renault EOLAB

The designers have opted for an aluminum body which makes the car weigh less. The roof of the concept is made using magnesium material. The insides are covered using thermoplastic and the material is supposed to be recyclable. When the car finally reaches the end of its life cycle, it can be recycled without any metal waste.

One of the largest touchscreen is to be used in the Renault EOLAB concept model. Reports claim that a 11-inch touchscreen display will be used for the infotainment system similar to an i-pad and it will provide information on almost every aspect of the car to keep the driver updated.

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