Research Proves Consuming Spicy Foods Increases People’s Lifespan

A recent research study has confirmed that people who consume spicy food items on a regular basis tend to live longer than those who consume it once in a week or not at all.

Before data from this study emerged, a majority of people believed that spicy food ingredients including chili and pepper could cause adverse side effects. They were usually associated with health problems. People considered that a healthy, balanced diet should have less fried and non-spicy food items.

Spicy foods

The study has confirmed that all these were misconceptions that prevail among people for a long time. Based on the analysis made, people who consume spicy items on a regular basis can avoid a wide range of health issues including diabetes, lung and heart diseases. Besides, it also prevents cancer which is a surprising find that the team has made. The results apply for both men and women.

If you don’t consume alcohol and opt for spicier foods throughout the week, you will not only avoid cancer, but a variety of diseases caused in the lungs. However, the British Medical Journal which published the study also added that it had the best effects on women when compared to men, due to genetic changes.

It was conducted by a group of specialists and medical experts. The research was funded and pioneered by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. The group picked people who were in the age group of 30 to 79 years. A total of 487,375 participants voluntarily signed up for the program which was conducted through several weeks.

Spicy Foods Increases Lifespan

Before the test began, the volunteers had to fill up a lengthy questionnaire. It helped the researchers learn more about these food habits, consumption of spicy food on a weekly basis, their measurements and the general health condition. At the end of the test, the team concluded that those who consumed them had 14 percent lesser chances of death, while who opted for spicy dishes once or twice in a week faced 10 percent chances of an earlier death.

It is believed that the bioactive materials found in these food items including Vitamin C and capsaicin help prevent some of the common issues that affect the heart and the lungs. The spices also play an integral role in promoting overall health as it acts as an anti-oxidant, helps reduce cholesterol that causes obesity, fights inflammation and cancer. It is not easy for someone to immediately change their diet, but if you could avoid a couple of diseases, it doesn’t hurt to add some spice to your daily meal.

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