Rihanna and Chris Brown’s Pals Are Rooting for the Pair to Get Together Again

The pals of Rihanna, fondly called RiRi, and Chris Brown, the American dancer-singer-actor are rooting for the pair to get together again.

They may have split way back in 2013 and gone their separate ways; but the celeb-singers’ friends are not giving up on them and are encouraging them to get together again.

Chris Brown

Although there are rumors floating in the celeb media that the ‘Don’t judge me’ singer and the ‘Diamond’ singer have rekindled their friendships, sources close to them say that there is no romance now and that they are simple friends, according to inquisitr.com. However, the same source is reported to have said that Chris Brown’s very close friends are urging him to get RiRi back into his life, especially now that he has split up with Karrueche Tran, the American fashion-stylist and model.

Rihanna’s close friends purportedly revealed to urbanislandz.com that although she is still very fond of Chris Brown and has not really stopped loving him, the BBHMM singer is now more focused and mature and is unlikely to settle for anything less than total commitment. The same source also added that it is highly unlikely for Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown to get together again in the near future as Brown’s pals are keen on getting him to reunite with Rihanna. The Rihanna insider added, ‘His friends are pushing him to go get your girl before someone else does’.

On the other hand, however, the singer-songwriter from Barbados is creating a slow ripple with her brewing relationship with Lewis Hamilton, the Formula One driver. The two are apparently taking things slowly in the budding relationship. While Rihanna is playing it cool, the Formula One driver is trying his best to win her over through his affections for her brother, Rajad, which pleases Rihanna a lot, said the insider to urbanislandz.


Sharon Bellamy-Thompson, RiRi’s close family friend, also revealed to the site that Lewis and RiRi can be a great couple and his British charm is quite a heart-turner. Sharon only wanted that Lewis keep her friend happy; then he has her approval. When the time is right, Rihanna and Lewis can have beautiful babies and the BBHMM singer is bound to be a great mom. However, Sharon is also hoping for a rekindling of the Brown-Rihanna relationship as she believes that ‘no one can replace first love’.

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