Rimac’s Concept One Electric Car with 1073 HP is Ready for Production

Pushing the limits and the capability of the electric cars is a priority for automobile manufacturers now. Rimac is one such company which has managed to bring its concept car closer to production.

The first look of the electric car named Concept One can be witnessed at the Geneva motor show next week.


Earlier in 2011, Rimac proudly showcased a concept version of their car at the Frankfurt motor show. It was such a far fetched idea at the moment because electric cars weren’t so popular back then and creating one that could run at such top speed was considered to be more of a concept on paper than in the real world. However, the manufacturer spent time to perfect their idea and are now ready to showcase it at the Geneva auto expo.

Being a unique model, it won’t be aimed at the everyday buyer but will rather be extremely limited in quantities. When we say limited, we really mean it because only eight versions of the Concept One car will be built. Enthusiasts have already reserved the car. According to the seller, six of them are already pre-booked and only two are yet to be sold.

The Concept One is powered by an electric motor which is capable of delivering a brilliant 1073 horsepower. On the inside, the motors feature four permanent magnet oil-cooled motors. The vehicle can render 1180 lb feet of torque. The car is extremely fast, as it can touch 0 to 62 miles per hour in 2.6 seconds. The top speed of the vehicle is 221 miles per hour.

The car is controlled with a double clutch two speed gearbox system attached to the rear axle. The transmission is mounted to the electric motors individually for better control of the speed and comfort levels. The electric car is equipped with an all-wheel torque vectoring technology which helps to evenly spread the power for better efficiency, performance and comfort.


There are three different modes to choose from including a neutral mode, drift mode and understeer-biased drive mode. The Concept One from Rimac uses a carbon ceramic braking system and the layered battery allows the vehicle to run for longer time than conventional batteries.

It can seat only two people at a time which is not surprising as it is the case with most hyper cars. The vehicle supports 4G LTE connectivity, has an elaborate infotainment system and is priced at £675,605.

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