Riversimple Is Planning to Build Two New Hydrogen Cars

With a view to make hydrogen powered cars normal, Riversimple is planning to bring two more vehicles powered by the same technology to the mainstream audience.

They showed Rasa, a new concept car at the London Motor Show.

Riversimple car

During the launch, the automobile manufacturer confirmed that the Rasa is more of a barebone version and they have to work on a lot of aspects before sending it to production. It is a two seater version and Riversimple has planned to build two more vehicles including a small van and a four seater sedan. While these planned models share a lot of common ground with the Rasa, they are unique in terms of design, styling and the components used to build them.

It is designed by Chris Reitz, who was the same person behind the popular Fiat 500. The four seater saloon has been confirmed. It is made to look extremely futuristic and sleek in appearance based on the Kammback profile. Instead of going for the conventional doors found in most cars, the designer has opted for scissor doors. They add a sense of style to the car and are made to open in the opposite direction. A notable addition for people who love their vehicles to look as sporty as possible.

Riversimple has gone with the most rogue design for their van. The vehicle has a blunt nose with a stepped window line and quarter light mounted on the roof. Most auto manufacturers will refrain from building such cars because they go against the rules set by the industry throughout the years. However, this particular company is purely focused on what their customers might want and it may soon become the benchmark design for all future vans to be built.

While the team has gone with new exteriors for the van, they have kept the shape of the vehicle square and it is practical as vans have always been. The model will be a valuable addition to any small business which needs to deliver items in a safe and comfortable mode of transportation. The design also offers enough headroom for all passengers.

Riversimple Hydrogen Car

Both the hydrogen powered vehicles are built on the same platform Riversimple showcased during the auto expo. They can cover a total distance of 300 miles or less but if the production version is equipped with a bigger hydrogen tank, it might just be able to cover much longer distances with ease.

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