Rolls Royce 2016 Dawn is an Insanely Luxurious and Stylish Convertible

It’s not every day that a luxury car manufacturer like Rolls Royce comes up with a convertible car, but when they do, you can be sure that they will leave no stones unturned to make it stand out from the crowd.

While companies like Audi, BMW and Aston Martin focus on luxurious performance, Rolls Royce has always been associated with elegance, exquisite finish and a sophistication that no other brand could match. Mercedes Benz is the only other car that could come close to it, but even they couldn’t beat them if an apple to apple comparison is made. The newly announced Rolls Royce 2016 Dawn is a huge car with an expanded wheelbase, quite heavy and looks hot without a doubt. The convertible stands proof to showcase why the Brit manufacturer continues to stay on the top, above everyone else.

Rolls Royce 2016

Everything about the Dawn is different. The car does resemble a sedan and probably falls in the class, but it has more room than any conventional model could offer. Four adult passengers could ride in it with extra comfort because it is almost the size of a HiLux double cab. Some of the unique features that are exclusive to the vehicle include the premium book matched timber stitching, leather upholstery, a coachline that has been hand painted and integrated wood used in the dashboard which the other brands seldom do.

The Rolls Royce 2016 Dawn is priced at a little more than $600,000 and the company opines that with more contemporary design, they aim to appeal to the younger generation. We are really not sure of the target audience they are aiming at, because being able to spend so much is something that even mature adults can’t do at times.

Rolls Royce 2016 Dawn

The Dawn is powered by a massive 6.6 liter V12 twin turbo engine. It borrows a couple of design elements from the Wraith and the BMW 7 series Limousine. The brand’s CEO during the reveal proudly announced that they have sold over 4,000 cars around the globe which is a new benchmark for the company.

Rolls Royce is for a completely different audience but it’s good to see the manufacturer focus on consumers as whole than as a specific lot. They have named the vehicle ‘Dawn’, as it relates to another convertible that was made between the year 1949 and 1955. However, it wasn’t successful in the past, but with changing times, maybe the new Dawn will find patrons when it gets launched.

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