Rolls Royce Brings Black Edition to Ghost and Wraith Models

Rolls Royce is a luxury car maker from Britain and is considered a prestige symbol for many. But, the company is not going to rest on its past laurels but will rather up the benchmark once again with an extensive black edition to make their models look exquisite. The Ghost and Wraith are the ones to receive this special treatment.

As expected, the Black Edition is going to be limited in numbers and have plenty of black colored paint used all over it. The cars receive a decent power boost, impressive cabin materials and more. They are being displayed at the moment in the show floor at Geneva motor show 2016.


According to the company, the black edition is ‘darker, more confident, powerful and demanding in its own style. The color has a unique perfection which the designers wanted to add to their cars so as to show the alter ego of brand Rolls Royce.’

Throughout the car, the black edition badging and chrome detailing can be found. The model is incorporated with an amazing amount of carbon fiber components. There are 22 layers of the material used in the car which provides it the much needed robust finish but at the same time keeps the total weight as low as possible. The engineers have spent over four years to make it possible. The paints are hand polished for the luxurious finish and according to the brand, they have managed to bring the deepest, darkest black to life through this method.

Interiors have undergone some major modifications. The insides of the Ghost and Wraith Black Edition features black with orange clock design, aerospace grade dashboard, aluminum components combined with embroidered leather upholstery.


The car is powered by a 6.6-liter V12 engine which delivers nearly 600 horsepower and has 60Nm of torque. The Black edition gets a new air suspension system and better driveshafts. They are expected to be more responsive with less throttle and easy downshift process. While Rolls Royce has been long associated with important people of the world, the black edition is aimed at younger generation.

The company is looking forward to find new customers among young businessmen and successful entrepreneurs. They wish to come out of the conventional market that has been built over the years so as to reach newer horizons and cater to different audiences. The drastic change in their design and color choices stand proof to it. The Ghost costs £210,000 range while the Wraith should be around £220,000.

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