Rolls Royce First SUV Cullinan Revealed in First Set of Pictures

Rolls Royce is treading a new path with their new SUV Cullinan and they have released the first set of pictures giving us a camouflaged look of the vehicle.

The Project Cullinan mule is known among the automobile community for sometime now but this is the first reveal from the company, showing the car with a SUV body. Rolls Royce has confirmed that they are aiming to bring it to stores in the first half of 2018. While we do know that it is under development, the full bodied pictures of the car confirmed that it is heading in the right direction. The earlier photos of the 4×4 had a Phantom disguise and showed a vehicle that is much larger than the one shown in these shots.

Rolls Royce Cullinan mule

The brand is about to bring the Cullinan to the roads. As we know from previous announcements, this couldn’t be the final name for the model. They may choose to rename it close to launch date. As the car is going to be tested in public roads, it is obvious that we will soon get a bunch of spy photographs. It will mostly be camouflaged but a lot of new vehicles were leaked much earlier despite the steps automobile companies take. Rolls Royce is no different and those who are excited to own a SUV from this prestigious brand is sure to keep track of the updates.

Cullinan is the first ever high riding model from Rolls Royce and the team is looking forward to offer the ‘magic carpet’ smooth riding experience they offer in the SUV as well. The road tests will allow them to gather information on various surfaces and tweak the overall weight, suspension among other aspects of the car to get its optimal performance. Besides, it’s not about speed or breaking lap time records but rather comfort is what the brand will vigorously go after.

Rolls Royce SUV Cullinan

The car is constructed on top of an all-aluminum architecture and it will also be used for a future Phantom model. The vehicle will be equipped with a completely revamped suspension system combined with an all-wheel drive system to offer a complete driving experience. Talking about the car, Torsten Muller Otvos, the brand’s boss commented that the SUV will be an all-terrain choice and will be tweaked to match demanding conditions. When questioned on naming it the Cullinan, he said, “I love the name. Rolls Royce is already the best in the world and we look forward to retain that name with the SUV.”

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