Rolls Royce Ghost Elegance Redefines Luxury with Real Crushed Diamond Paint

Automobile expos aren’t what they used to be as Rolls Royce Ghost Elegance redefines luxury with the all-new car that has been painted with a diamond finish.

Understandably, it is the first ever time a car features such a diamond paint and Rolls Royce is quite proud of what they have accomplished. The specifications of the car hardly matters at this point when they have actually crushed 1,000 diamonds to create a new form of paint called “Diamond Stardust” and mixed it with the right variant of paint to get the end result. The company’s top designers spent a solid two months to find the best paint that goes with their star dust before they finalized on the one that was revealed at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

Rolls Royce Ghost Interior

Speaking about the model, the company said that their team wasn’t satisfied until they got the right reflection with these precious stones. Another practical issue was that the paint should be smooth to touch without rough edges created by the diamond dust. They managed to make it slippery smooth by crushing those diamonds to smooth dust. After the initial layer of painting is done, Rolls Royce applied another thin coat of paint to ensure the glitter doesn’t go away when the car is polished.

The designing team spent two whole days to do the painting and it was hand done to achieve the desired look. The Ghost Elegance also features final pin striping to give the car a Mugello Red and Black finish. Once you have done admiring the exterior, the interior of the car is equally impressive with black leather seats and Mugello red stitching on the corners. The Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase model uses Tudor Oak Veneer with a bespoke cloak for the dashboard making it as exquisite as a car could get.

Rolls Royce Ghost Elegance

Lounge seats are quite spacious and comfortable with Selby Grey leather on top. The actual pricing of the Ghost Elegance wasn’t announced during the Geneva expo but it doesn’t need any expertise to know that it will be way above the range that any average buyer could afford. The diamonds cost about $3,250 a carat and at least 1,000 of them were crushed to paint the model. Add the pricing of the Rolls Royce Ghost Elegance and it’s going to be one expensive model that’s designed to be a collector’s edition than an actual car you could drive in dusty roads.

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