Rolls Royce Planning to Make Lighter, Easy to Drive Vehicles

Rolls Royce is a brand associated with the elite crowd and very important people while an average buyer may hardly have a plan to own one. The brand wishes to change the perspective by creating lighter vehicles which are easier to drive and look more conventional.

The brand belongs to the ultra-luxury automaker brand. It is more nostalgic than next gen at the movement. Rolls Royce is planning to take an ultimate decision which will finally change its perspective on the automobile industry and their customers. They are going to step into a newer generation because of changing economical condition, fuel economy and emission regulations. Within a span of few years, the company will be releasing newer models which are extremely lightweight and not be mobile luxury rooms. They will be much easier to drive making it a potential choice for people of all age groups.


There is still no word on when the company will actually start changing the way the vehicles are made. When their weights are reduced, it will lead to complete design overhaul. It is expected that the automobile manufacturer will start implementing this idea in the next three to five years. It is a crucial period for the entire industry because every brand is moving towards introducing hybrid vehicles and electric models. They are also working on creating autonomous technology which may enable passengers to enjoy a relaxed ride even during heavy traffic conditions.

While it is a far cry for Rolls Royce to adopt autonomous driving for now, they are definitely considering the possibility of making their cars more mobile and appealing to a wide range of audience rather than the restricted elite crowd. A concept version of the lighter version is expected to be out before the end of this year. With plenty of auto expos coming up, it could debut at any of them. A production version however could easily take two years or more to be ready to be debuted.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Inside sources claimed that Rolls Royce is aiming to launch the cars built on the new platform by 2018. It is unclear whether the upcoming SUV is built on the newer, lightweight platform or on the older platform. Earlier update confirmed that at least one version of the SUV was built on the Phantom II chassis. The Phantom is a previous version which is heavier in design. By changing their approach, the luxury brand may bring new competition to the table.

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