Rolls Royce Zenith Collection Is Limited and Last Of The Phantom Series

Rolls Royce has confirmed that they have plans to introduce a new platform which will lead to the next generation Phantom.

However, they are just not going to let the older generation go because a new Zenith collection is now confirmed.

Rolls Royce Zenith

The brand is always associated with exclusivity and they are taking it a notch further by launching the new Zenith collection. The models are designed to commemorate the years and design benchmarks set by the Phantom Coupe as well as the Drophead coupe. The cars will be the last of the series to be designed and constructed at the Goodwood plant.

In their statement, the brand confirmed that they will be making just 50 of the cars and it will be an exclusive edition set to be owned by a select group of people. All of them are already sold to customers and once production is complete, they will be delivered to their respective destinations. Apart from the usual color variants, new color choices are added to the list. The available ones include Madeira Red and Jubilee Silver. It will be available as a combo offering a whole new dimension to the vehicle.

With the new color statement, Rolls Royce is looking forward to touch the nostalgic nerve of their customers. The car includes a whole new range of components including bespoke materials and some exquisite trim fittings. The leather used in the interiors are of unique color, contrast to the ones used in the exterior. New luxury additions can be found in the car including a split tailgate and an amazing glass shelf which acts as a champagne holder.

Most cars from the brand are known to be great when it comes to cargo space. The company has continued their heritage by including a large boot which acts as a picnic hamper. The color and the design in the boot is fully customizable. Buyers have the option to alter it according to their individual tastes. The armrest is laser etched and the popular Starlight headliner is part of the special edition Phantom.

Rolls Royce Zenith Collection

Rolls Royce is yet to confirm whether the Zenith collection is going to be the last in the series. More limited run editions are coming from the brand but it is yet to be officially confirmed. Once the editions are sold out, the brand plans to have a strong focus on bringing the next generation vehicles to stores.

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