Rumored BMW M3 is an All-Wheel Drive Plug-in Hybrid Model

The success BMW tasted with their i3 and i8 models is so immense that the latest rumors indicate the company is already considering a next generation M3 variant.

Stepping into the world of hybrid and electric cars is not easy because convincing buyers to go for it has always been a difficult task. However, times are changing and every manufacturer is doing their best to boost electric car usage for the daily commute. Tesla recently announced their plans to set up charging stations at garages around New York for Model S owners. The changing trends is one of the chief reasons that helped BMW witness accolades with their hybrid electric models.


Instead of basking in the glory, the chief engineers and designers at BMW are already discussing the possibility of a revamped M3. A senior executive from the company opined that gone are the days when their ‘i’ series used to be the bookend. The time has come for the technologies to come together. In other words, the executive supports the idea of an M3 model with a hybrid engine which will allow them to overcome fuel economy issues and emission regulations that prevent the brand from reaching overseas markets.

According to his statement, some cities in global locations are considering a ban on gasoline powered cars to prevent pollution. If they do so, the all-new BMW M3 will be more than ready to face the challenge and offer a reliable 20 miles on full charge, making it easy for drivers to cruise the city without breaking emission regulations.

If confirmed, the upcoming hybrid model of the M3 will sport an all-wheel drive and use the existing 3.0 liter inline six engine to be powered up. It will offer 73 pound feet of torque boosted by two additional electric motors which will be installed in the front. With an advanced battery technology combined with a lightweight build, the vehicle will be more than capable of delivering good mileage while remaining at the same price range, confirmed the development team.

Black BMW M3

On paper, the vehicle will offer 20 miles on a full charge. The front wheels will power up the car during the initial phase of the journey and when the battery drains out, it will automatically switch to a rear wheel drive powered by gasoline. Creating the BMW M3 poses some technical difficulties, but selling it to longtime buyers is more complex than building it.

Ludwig Willisch, the CEO of BMW of North America opined it is the only way to deliver ecstatic performance while breaking barriers set by stringent emission regulations.

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