Rumors: 2019 BMW M2 Gran Coupe Coming to Compete with CLA 45 AMG

BMW is reportedly working on a new version of the 2-series so as to enter into the market by 2019., British Autocar magazine reports that the German company is planning to come out with a Gran Coupe version of the BMW M2.

BMW M2 Gran Coupe

The entire 2-series lineup of vehicles from BMW may have not received a huge welcome worldwide, but this has not been the case with the BMW M2. Regarded as one of the finest driver’s vehicle, it has been on the lips of enthusiasts over the last year. In BMW’s dictionary, the Gran Coupe refers to the four-door version of the two-door vehicle.

The BMW M2 Gran Coupe is necessary for the company to compete with vehicles like the Mercedes Benz CLA 45 AMG or the Audi RS 3. Both these vehicles have received excellent response especially in the United States. Lowering gas prices may have shifted their attention back to crossovers and sports utility vehicles, but the demand for sports vehicles like the BMW M2 Gran Coupe remain in place.

The German company has had a lot of success with making Gran Coupe versions of its popular vehicles. The likes of the 6 series Gran Coupe are a perfect example. As of now, it is only rumored that the company will come out with a Gran Coupe version of the BMW M2. It is not known whether the model will come with an exclusive trunk just like one on the 6 series or if it goes for the lift-back rear opener like on the Gran Coupe versions of the 4 series.

BMW are almost certain to increase the size of the next generation BMW 3 series, which could come in a short while. This would allow the company some space to increase the size of the 2 series as well. The current BMW 2 series coupe has a wheelbase of 105.9 inches whereas the current generation 3 series sedan comes with a wheelbase of 110.6 inches. The upcoming BMW M2 Gran Coupe is expected to have a wheelbase in the middle of these two figures.

2019 BMW M2 Gran Coupe

Not much changes can be expected in terms of the powertrain since the vehicle is expected to continue with the same powertrain as seen in the regular 2 series. This would mean the presence of turbocharged gasoline engines with two or three liter capacities either in the four-cylinder or in-line six format.

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