Samsung JS7000 4KTV Supports Great Upscaling, More Codecs at Just $1300

One of the main reasons why customers refrain from buying a 4K television is that they aren’t the ideal choices for viewing HD or SD content apart from the fact that the pricing is too high to invest in.

Samsung’s JS7000 aims to break both these myths and could probably be the first 4KTV that could change the game. For many years now, the company has strongly focused on launching luxury curved models that will easily cost you an arm and a leg. It comes as a surprise to see that the company now wants to make budget buyers happy with a television that is worth investing.

Surprising Upscaling Capabilities

Even though it has a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, the Samsung JS7000 is more than capable of upscaling lower resolution images including 720p HD content and even 480p SD content which is the first of its kind in a 4KTV.

This is possible because it is powered by their proprietary Tizen operating system that makes it a smart television with internet browsing functionalities, apps to watch your favorite content and much more. It even comes with a function that lets you stream, connect from your smartphones and tablets but supports only a selective list of devices. We assume that it could probably only be Samsung products, at least for the time being.

Samsung JS7000 4KTV

Solving Lack of 4K Content

This newly announced Samsung 4KTV could finally solve the widespread issue where customers hardly have enough 4K content to browse through. There is a dearth of 4K media content because the market doesn’t have enough affordable televisions for customers to purchase. When several people who own a 4KTV, there will obviously be television channels, websites and movies that will be catered to this community of people.

By announcing a product that begins with a price tag of $1300 for the 50-inch model, Samsung has finally broken the barrier. Now people can finally purchase a high resolution television during special occasions which will eventually lead to more viewable 4K content hitting the market. Besides, they will also inspire big brands including LG and Sony to come up with their own affordable versions.

Samsung has made this possible by removing the curved design which leads to excessive costs and also some luxury lighting technologies which an everyday consumer would hardly mind. An official release date for the JS7000 4KTV is yet to be announced but rumors indicate that it might hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2015.


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