SEAT Ateca Cupra SUV with 300 HP Is Being Developed

An ambitious plan is underway and if everything goes as planned by the auto manufacturers, the SEAT Ateca Cupra SUV could create a storm in the market with its stylish outlook and impeccable performance.

Ateca Cupra SUV

Official sources have confirmed that the new model is set to get launched at the Paris Motor Show. The event will take place in the month of October. SEAT is keen to know what buyers and the press think about their new SUV at the auto expo. The auto brand has released a series of official pictures to give us a glimpse into the design and so far, it looks promising. The designers who worked on the model has given it an aggressive look. The bumpers are now beefier and bigger while the same tone has been integrated for the sills.

When constructing huge SUVs, manufacturers always focus on safety aspects. Providing better legroom and headroom is a must for such large vehicles. At the same time, they are supposed to be safe when people use it for long journeys. The ride height of the new SEAT Ateca Cupra SUV has been lowered so as to avoid body rolls around tight corners. The front fascia sports a honeycomb grille combined with powerful LED lighting and racy twin exhaust pipes.

Apart from the exterior and interior design variants, SEAT offers a range of new colors and combination variants to pick from. They provide buyers more choices and doesn’t limit them into choosing colors from the available choices. Additional changes include multi-spoke alloys and contrasting color shades. The powertrain remains the same, the 2.0-liter turbo four engine used in the Leon Cupra.

However, it has been tweaked to offer the best of performance. The engine which used to provide 286 horsepower is now bumped up to provide at least 300 horsepower or maybe a bit more. We can confirm it only when the brand’s representatives talk about it in detail at the Paris motor expo.

SEAT Ateca Cupra SUV

Most 2017 edition of popular vehicles are being built on newer platforms. The SEAT Ateca Cupra SUV is no different. It uses the MQB platform designed by Volkswagen. Despite the big size and the increased headroom, the car is considerably fast as it is expected to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour within six seconds.

An exclusive addition in the car is the Cupra mode which makes the dampers stiff, increases throttle and revives the engine. The sound produced will be delivered through the speakers to give the driver a racy experience.

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